Friday, June 26, 2009

Tips Choosing a Digital Camera

Digital camera type that have a variety of features and which sometimes makes us confused to choose according to our needs. Choosing a camera is easy-easy to difficult, especially for users who are signed in category beginner or amateur. Therefore, the tips are very useful for the prospective user choose the camera before the digital camera you want. Here are some tips before hunting cameras.

Digital images created by dots called pixels. This resolution refers to the number of pixels that work together to create an image. Usually indicated by horizontal x vertical. 1280x960 resolution has a 1.2 megapixel total. The higher resolution will produce images that are much better.

Adjust the resolution offered with your choice. Usually the camera is available in a choice of different resolutions. If you only want to send photos via e-mail, 640x480 resolution is adequate. But if you want to print you should select a larger resolution, so that the image is not broken and blurred.

Make sure that other features support
Before buying, make sure the digital camera of your choice to select some features such as additional memory capability. This is to enlarge the storage of your images.

If you occasionally want to move images, select the camera that supports video as some digital cameras that have only berkemampuan audio only. Customize your needs. Video or audio?

In addition, note the ability to zoom offered. Optical zoom to become the central focus rather than digital zoom, the peranti kunak facilities that provide croppping and enlarge the image.

Average product cameras are equipped with the integrated flash. There is a need to automatically or on pressing the button to run it. Flash is useful as a light.

Pictures taken in dark conditions rather can remain up to appearing with the help of flashy lights.

Note also whether the slight additional features such as red-eye effect subtrahend. Some products also come with a choice of photos for the image in the evening or night scene.

LCD screen
LCD screen on the back of the digital camera allows you to see objects. Here you can also view and delete unwanted pictures. Select the LCD screen with a resolution of the womb that is big enough so that the colors appear more natural. Screen size is also different. Make sure the screen is not too small, so the image can appear a maximum.

Self timer can usually reach 10 seconds. In addition to taking a picture of ease, this feature is also useful for taking pictures in poor light conditions because it can reduce the pressure in the shocks due to the key shot.

Battery resistance
If you do not want to enjoyment is lost because of the battery loyo, you need to pay attention to how long this power source can survive. Selecting a battery that can be filled back (rechargeable) action is more prudent and thrifty.

Note whether your digital camera can be connected with other devices such as digital television, a printer, PC or Mac. Akan tertolong you with the USB cable.

You can also print images with the help of the USB cable. Some digital camera that supports PictBridge to create your free print images directly from digital camera even though the brand is different.

The sixth vendor in updating the open standards that are Canon, Hewleet-Packard, Seiko Epson Corporation, Olympus Optical Company, Fuji Photo Film Corporation and Sony Corporation.

Do not forget to calculate the price support other devices such as the rechargeable battery and AC adapter.

Operating time
Select a digital camera that does not take too much rest after the shot. Difference within 4 to 6 seconds it may make you less satisfied with the performance of the slim.

Compare prices and warranty
Do not just stuck on sati store only. If there are no spare time you make one small-scale research before buying.

Different profit margins that are a source of why the price you find in a shop that is not the same as the others. Note also warranty.

Finally, do not just stuck on the body shape, but note that bedevil the content or features in a product.

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