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Air Compressor Purchasing Guide

An air compressor is a valuable piece of equipment for operating power tools. They are better in terms of efficiency and are easier on you. The type you need depends on the tools you will be using. Good choices include a Copeland compressor, Husky air compressors or Quincy compressors.

Factors to Consider in an Air Compressor

Consider how often you will use air compressors and how it will be used. What tools will you be using and how much power will be needed to operate them? Some tools, like nail guns, don’t need high volume compressor. Others, such as drills or sanders do need high volume because they require steady air flow.

Set a budget for your purchase. The price for these machines varies significantly from brand to brand. Buying a used compressor is one way to make your budget stretch further.

The style of the pump is another consideration. The most common are direct drive and belt drive. Direct drive pumps will last up to five hundred hours. These take up less room in your workshop. They are well suited for moderate uses. Another benefit of these is that no oil changes are needed. Belt drive pumps require oil changes every five hundred hours and will last for about fifteen hundred hours. These are good for do it yourself as well as professional use.

Consider the power of the compressor. Consider both the horsepower and pound per square inch (PSI) pressure. Make sure it is more powerful than the most powerful tool you will be using. Check your tools before purchasing the compressor.

The tank size is another important consideration. These come in sizes from two to one hundred gallons. The more you will use the equipment, the larger the tank you will need. Always go a little larger than you think you will need. This will ensure that you can get the optimum use from the compressor.

Finding an Affordable Air Compressor

Shop around before purchasing air compressor systems. Compare brands and read reviews on the internet. Compare the machines and features of each. Similar machines can differ by hundreds of dollars.

Consider a reconditioned machine. In these, the machines have been completely inspected. Worn or damaged air compressor parts are replaced. Many of these have gotten very little use and are in nearly new condition. You can find equipment at a considerable savings. Look for a model with a one year warranty to be sure you are getting a quality product.

Consider shopping online. Often, the prices are considerably less than in some stores. Many ship straight from the factory, saving retail mark up. This savings can be significant. In many cases, you won’t need to pay sales tax on the equipment, which can add up. Many sites offer free shipping on these purchases, so it won’t cost any additional money for shipping.

Be free with wireless speakers

Wireless speakers give you the freedom to move your music to where you want it to be without the hassles of cables. Planning to have a party outside? Don't move your whole entertainment system outside while you can make use of outdoor wireless speakers which can move right along with the party.
Want to have hi-fi quality sound through your laptop computer? Why should you be tied to wires while using a portable computer? Make use of wireless speakers to give you the freedom to work or play on your computer where you want to, while having the high fidelity sound you deserve. Here are a few examples of how you can use wireless speakers to improve your way of living.

• Listen to your favorite music collection while taking a bath.
• Have a BBQ or party outside without having to move your whole stereo system.
• You can store all your favorite music on your computer and listen to it anywhere in your home.
• Listen to music while working in the garden.
• When your computer is doing certain time consuming tasks, have it play a sound when it is done with the task or when there is an error and have your wireless speaker notify you while you are lying next to the pool.
• Get the perfect surround sound effect by having the freedom to move the speakers to exactly the right spots without getting tangled in wires.
• Let your computer notify you of upcoming tasks or appointments by playing a sound through your outdoor wireless speakers, while you are washing your car.
• Let your wireless speaker notify you discretely of intruders by connecting it to your alarm system.
• Use you wireless speakers as a portable intercom system.

There are however a few things you need to watch out for when shopping for wireless speakers. Some are listed here:

Some wireless speakers may interfere with other wireless devices in your house like cordless phones. A good wireless speaker system will allow you to tune it to a different frequency to overcome these interferences.

Battery life
Battery life is not always too great on wireless speakers, as it consumes power to drive the speakers, internal amplifier and RF receiver. So, if you want to use your wireless speakers for extended periods of time, it may be wise to make use of the AC power adaptor. Now this may not always be practical - the whole idea of wireless speakers is to get rid of the wires. Rechargeable batteries might be the answer and some of the models even come with rechargeable batteries -something to consider when you need total freedom, even from power outlets.

Most wireless speakers can work fine within a range of 150 to 300 feet from the transmitter. (Which would be located at the source of sound i.e. your hi-fi or computer) The RF frequency is high enough for it to work through walls and furniture. You do not need a line of sight, but bear in mind that obstacles weakens the signal, and the more obstacles between the transmitter and receiver, the shorter the range will become.

Outdoor wireless speakers are claimed to be weatherproof, but if you do not need to use your speakers outside all the time, rather store them inside. This will definitely extend the life of your valuable outdoor wireless speakers. If you really need to leave it outside all the time, try to find a spot where it can be hidden from the most harsh weather conditions.

Not all wireless speaker systems include two speakers to give you a stereo experience. Especially the outdoor wireless speakers are sold as single units. This can easily be overcome by purchasing two speakers, obviously doubling the price.

Wireless speakers use RF signals which may interfere with other RF devices. Make sure that the frequency range is legal in your country. If it is sold by a reputable dealer in your country, this should not be a problem. Wireless speakers technology is still a fairly new technology and some still have issues to be sorted out. So you have to do your shopping wisely.

Batteries - From Laptops to Motorcycles

What would you do without them? Seriously, if every single battery of every single type were suddenly zapped out of every single thing that it operated, what would any of us do?

Laptop computers, without a doubt, are the lifeblood of many a businessperson today. Portable, convenient, they allow us to work on the run and do more business. Laptop batteries are essential to keep this resource working, as it should.

The precursor to the laptop as we know it today was introduced by IBM back in 1986 and was called “The PC Convertible”. It weighed five and a half kilograms and cost around $3500.00.

As laptop computers have evolved, so too have laptop batteries.

• The first type of battery used in laptops was Nickel- Cadmium (NiCad). These can still be found in some older laptops. Their lifespan between recharges is about two hours, however, this decreases with each recharge. Also, if a NiCad laptop battery is charged for too long it may explode.

• The next type of laptop battery used was Nickel-Metal Hydride (NiMH). These laptop batteries last longer than NiCad batteries but their total lifespan is shorter.

• The current standard laptop battery is the Li-ion battery. As well as being light and having a long life span they can also be randomly charged and won’t overheat if charged for too long. Being thinner, the Li-ion battery is ideal as a notebook battery and can last for between 950 and 1200 recharges.

Perhaps even more crucial to our business life as well as our personal life is the cell phone. There are also three different types of cell phone batteries:

• Lithium-ion Batteries: these are the newest type of cell phone battery and, while having certain advantages over the older NIMH and NICD batteries, care must still be taken to ensure they perform at their best. For example, a new lithium-ion battery should be “conditioned”. What this basically means is that for the battery’s first three charge cycles, fully charge the battery overnight and allow it to fully discharge before charging it again. This will increase the life and effectiveness of the cell phone battery.

• NIMH Batteries: These batteries also should be conditioned in the same way as a Lithium-ion battery. It is important to remember
that extensive overcharging (i.e.: on a battery charger for more than twenty-four hours) can damage these cell phone batteries.

• NICD Batteries: These are the oldest type of cell phone battery and, as is the case with the laptop computer, are less reliable than the newer types.

Okay, so we know we’d be sunk without our laptops and cell phones. But what about the car? Cars have batteries too. Perhaps you ride a Harley Davidson - not without a motorcycle battery! It’s interesting to think where we’d be if the afore-mentioned “zapping episode” took place. We know that our forefathers coped without batteries but could we?

Here’s a challenge: For one whole day leave everything containing a battery alone. No driving or riding, no cell phone or computer, completely “battery-bereft”. At the end of the day you’ll either feel tranquil and centred, at total peace with your surroundings or a nervous wreck, climbing the walls.

Which will you be?

Affordable Consumer Electronics and Goods for the Small Business

As a small business owner, you probably know what a hassle it can be to shop for electronics and other business goods. You need products that are dependable, affordable, and easy to use. Computers, office equipment, mo bile phones, and many other business necessities are available both online and off-line, so you have many options to consider.

Tips for In-Store Buying

When shopping for electronics or computers at a local store, compare brand names, features and pricing carefully. Sometimes a low price means sacrificing the quality or features you really need. For instance, if you're planning to buy a computer desk, consider the design of the desk and all its features. Does it have drawers or shelves to make organization easy? Does it have a pullout keyboard or a desktop keyboard? Also, consider the size of the desk and the quality of its materials (steel, solid wood or particle board).

When buying a computer, consider brand name, size of the hard drive and memory, as well as any pre-installed software it may contain. Avoid buying computers that have "advertising" menu bars pre-installed on the Windows screen. These tend to hang up often and are not worth the hassle although they are usually lower in price. Look for reputable brand names such as Dell, Pentium, Acer, and Compaq. Dependable laptops are available from these companies: Dell, Averatec, Compaq, HP Pavillion, Acer, Gateway, and IBM.

Avoid rebate offers. Rebates are often more trouble than they're worth, and your name might get added to hundreds of mailing lists! Instead, shop around for a great value up front to get the PC or laptop that will meet your needs.

Refurbished Products

With refurbished electronics or computers, find a reputable company that has a good standing with the Better Business Bureau. Some companies will advertise refurbished items, but will not follow through with a guarantee. Before buying a refurbished item, check for a guarantee and do a little research on the company to find out if other customers were satisfied with the products and service. If buying refurbished computers online, use the search engines to find out as much information as you can about the company.

Buying Electronics and Computers Online

Shop around online for great bargains on brand name electronics and computers. If you're pressed for time, there are discount home electronics online superstores that carry almost everything you'll need for your small business. Some of the products you might find include cables, office equipment, TV and video accessories, scanners, GPS, power protection products, mobile phones, digital recorders, formatted diskettes, CDs, and more.

Online electronics stores for small business can offer you better prices because they have few overhead costs when operating on the Web. You can usually expect to save up to 20% on items.

You'll find shopping online to be a great time-saver because you can shop from your home or office without visiting busy stores.

Use these tips to find electronics, computers and other products for your small business at great prices without sacrificing quality.

Apple I-Pods, Why Are They So Popular?

These days while your just walking around school, work, the mall, or just about anywhere you’ll see many people listening to their Apple I-Pods. You might see some with cool accessories such as portable speakers, cool looking cases, voice recorders, FM transmitters, remotes and much more. Lets face it the Apple I-Pod has become the most popular mp3 player around and it doesn’t seem like it will loose that #1 spot anytime soon with all their new little inventions. So what makes the Apple I-Pod so popular?

Some may say the design is what makes it popular and makes them purchase an I-Pod and some may say the fun accessories that come with it. Also a few people may have bought it just because everyone has one and they just want to fit in. They’re many reasons why people buy I-Pods; you will just have to find yours.

Apple I-Pods started out just playing songs. Then moved on to having photos, then pod casts and now it even plays videos! I-Pod MP3 players do just about everything and more. Not only are they good for many things, they are now also very thin and light. They can fit in your pocket without you even feeling it in there and still have room for just about everything else. With your Apple I-Pod you can watch video pod casts, music videos and your favorite TV shows. You can browse your old memories with the photo slideshows, complete with music. If you love reading you may also read books with audio books it has. But of course most of you already know how good of an mp3 player I-Pod’s are and probably already have one. In this case you must get some cool accessories for your Apple I-Pod.

Accessories for your I-Pod can be a great extra feature to everything the great MP3 player has to offer. Impress your friends with the new portable speakers you get for your I-Pod. With portable speakers you can leave your Apple I-Pod in your pocket while you’re taking a walk and have the speakers amplify all your songs for you. If you are not near your I-Pod while it’s playing with the speakers you may also use a remote to change a song or pick another song with simply a click of a button. You may also want to buy a voice recorder for your MP3 player to record memorable moments. If you are a musician you may also use the voice recorder to record songs you play or sing. If you jog daily for a good exercise and would like to listen to your I-Pod you can also get a sports sleeve for it. Apple I-Pods have just about every accessory it needs out there and now it’s your job to find some and for great prices. If you are interested in buying some accessories for your I-Pod you should first try browsing around


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