Saturday, June 27, 2009

HTC Dopod C720 W

The HTC Dopod C720 W design is equipped with Smartphone Quadband GSM connectivity, allowing you to connect to the GSM network in the world (of course with the proper roaming agreement). In addition, with built-in high speed WiFi connection allows you to download data, send and receive email or surf the Internet at high speed.

Design elements are owned C720W but not the other smartphones. On the right side of the screen is a touch strip that lets you control the volume of the device. Plus, the left hand of the user may experience difficulty accessing the strip if you use one of them. We will be much faster, such as walking or special key.

However, you can adjust the sensitivity or turn off the function completely through the Settings menu.
in the Smartphone supports Windows Media Player 10 Mobile, Microsoft Internet Explorer Mobile, Bluetooth V 2.0, 3D Surround Sound output with the impressive 2.43 320 x 240 TFT display.

The phone has a memory 128MB ROM, 64MB RAM (persistent storage). The battery also promises 220 hours stand-by time so that the devices are often perfect for tourists. This mobile features make it must-have gadget for businessmen and professionals who do their business anywhere.

The phone that works in both Microsoft Exchange and Lotus Domino platform. Professional technology, the message from HTC Dopod C720 W Smartphone business to help users send instant messages and even more efficient. With GPRS / EDGE access and easy to access Wi-Fi 802.11g stay connected become even more simple.

The QWERTY keyboard with neatly spaced-out keys and 5-way navigation key create a fun gadget to use. Smartphone on a 5-way navigation key, 3-way touch pad and 2 soft keys on the side of the screen for easy navigation. The Smartphone Dopod C720 W has a 1.3 mega pixel camera is great for snapshots, along with important features such as hands, voice and multimedia. Moreover, facilitate the use of a sophisticated phone with Network Wizard that automatically configure the service.

Then with the Overall, this device is very responsive to our needs every day is, even though camera activation and multimedia use caused a bit slow performance. Playing music on the C720W is good, but the sound quality is better through the included earbuds through the single speaker from the back. Amazing to see the video on C720W light from the screen. Sharp screen that is also a large display for Web pages, and download time is fast enough.

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