Sunday, June 21, 2009

Notebook Lenovo Thinkpad X200

I want to introduce the Lenovo Thinkpad X200, really good, oh! Lenovo's ThinkPad range carries the hope that the quality, reliability and functionality that is very good. ThinkPad X200, which continues this trend, and is similar in style to a greater X300. ThinkPadX200 Lenovo's 12.1-inch ultraportable notebook ThinkPadX61 version upgrade and evolution, ThinkPadX200 from ThinkPadX300 less expensive and also At the same time as ThinkPadX300 not as innovative design, especially the details of cutting-edge ThinkPadX300 very thin and the view.

ThinkPadX200 but provide better system performance and the price is very reasonable. ThinkPadX200 is a machine that is very portable, weighing at 1.6kg, but the low weight was achieved at the cost of the optical drive.

ThinkPadX200 very strong ultra-thin notebook computers, the top and bottom of the fuselage using a magnesium alloy casing, the integration of internal magnesium roll cage is a metal structure, the overall impression that Kennedy can not be broken feeling, you will not be found anywhere in the deformation of a few.

You'll find three USB ports, VGA, an ExpressCard 54 slot and the card reader on the side of the X200 chassis. The back of the engine is bereft of ports, space used by the battery. Network is to the fore, with 802.11n Wi-Fi in place, along with Gigabit Ethernet.

Internet use also catered when the move, thanks to integrated 3G/HSDPA. The SIM card is accessed from the back of the battery, and a 30-day trial with Vodafone broadband come as standard. It's not locked to a network provider is, however, so you will be able to choose the price that most suit your needs.

Thinkpad notebook, one of the signs, metal hinge structure of course will not be lost ThinkPadX200 keyboard as usual, there are two areas accident spilled liquid from a small tank.

ThinkPad Active Protection System (APS) on the ThinkPadX200 can still see, at the time of falling notebook accidents, APS through the built-in accelerometer to detect the danger and take the initiative to create a hard disk read-write head of the restoration to a safe location, the data is valuable to avoid damage caused by the unexpected.

Specifications of the X200 :

CPU: Intel Core 2 Duo P8600 2.40 GHz

Chipset: Intel GM45/ICH9-ME

Memory: 2GB DDR2 667MHz (1x 2048MB)

Hard Drive: 7200RPM 160GB SeaGate Momentus (ST9160823AS) SATA

Screen: 12.1" widescreen 1280x800 LCD, 200 nits of brightness

No built-in Optical Drive (need X200 UltraBase for this capability)

GPU: Intel X4500 Integrated Graphics

Network/Wireless: Intel Wi-Fi Link 5300 (802.11 a/b/g/n) 1Gb Ethernet Card, built-in Verizon WWAN and Bluetooth (56 Kbps modem optional, not installed)

Inputs: 95 Key Keyboard with Three Button Touchpoint

Buttons: Power, ThinkVantage, Volume Up and Down, Mute, and WiFi/Bluetooth On/Off Switch

Slots:ExpressCard/54mm, SD card reader (5-in-1 media card reader optional, not installed)

Battery: Nine Cell Cylindrical (4-cell, 6-cell and 9-cell options)

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