Monday, July 27, 2009

Gigabyte 8600gt

NVIDIA's 8600GT is a graphical solution for a very good mainstream classes. It has been said very well because the price in the range of U.S. $ 100 -125 the performance offered by classified very good. Heat are also low enough to be loved much better to play, or just see the overclocking film. 8600GT chipset itself supports 1920x1080 resolution, a more as well as Full HD or 1080p.

Gigabyte, one of the producers famous graphics card, which began 8600GT Zalman heatsinks been recognized as one of the The refrigerator is good. General product Zalman, rather than the cold, are also more quiet compared to the heatsinks standard way that is appropriate for the election at the time of construction Home Theater PC.

In packaging, the packaging, as usual,There is a game of Neverwinter Nights S-2 and video converter component. Standard components are self Gigabyte very good with the use of All solid capacitors to ensure durable products.

Gigabyte 8600GT has capabilities that are good in Full HD video and are still able to be used play. The use of solid capasitor which combined with heatsinks Zalman provides resistance better products, to very suitable for the use of short-term long.


Chip : GeForce 8600GT

Interface : PCIe x16

Memory : 256 MB

Chip Clock : 540 MHz

Memory Clock: 700 (1400) MHz

Memory Type: GDDR3

Equipment: Power Connector

DVI-VGA converterPixel pipeline: 12 (36)

Vertex Pipeline: 8

Memory Interface: 128 bits

Equipment: Power,

Video - Component, DVI - VGA
Neverwinter Nights game, CD
source:magazine chip


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