Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Electronics tips: voicemail and Caller ID advantages for cell phone users

Cell phones are convenient for speaking when on the move, whether it's for personal or business use. They allow you to talk to friends or family without pay additional long-distance fees. They provide a means for you to chat with family or friends in emergency occur or when you need to ask a question at the last minute.

To go a step further and enjoy even more convenience, consider configuring voicemail and caller ID on your cell phone. These two features are often not used in mobile phones, but still, they can provide an easy way to capture missed calls and/or avoid unwanted calls on your cell phone. Here are some benefits that you like to use these features.

Benefits of voice mail

Voice mail on a mobile phone is similar to a cassette recording and answering machine, except without the machine. It can be configured in your mobile phone with your own personal message or with an automated message. Voicemail allows your callers to leave messages if you are not available to answer the call, or if you're on the line with another person. Voicemail will still have messages to you if your battery runs out of power.

Check your voicemail anywhere

Some cell phone plans allow you to check your voicemail anywhere, even from another phone (landline or wireless) in your home or outside, in a hotel while on vacation. This is very convenient when travelling if the battery of your mobile phone is out of power and want to see if someone called it. You can check the voicemail and call them back on a regular phone if necessary.

In addition, voice mail is still available when you are outside your home network. Even if your mobile phone is switched off, your friends and family can leave messages. This ensures that nobody calls repeatedly to get just a ringing tone or busy signal.

Benefits of caller ID

Caller ID allows you to save money, avoid unwanted calls and see who is calling to determine if it is an urgent call or not. With the caller ID, you can see who is on the line before answering the call. The screen will show usually a name or phone number, or both. It can also show that the caller cannot be identified in which cases can be a private number or a telemarketer. If you see that it's a number you don't recognize that you can refuse to answer and let them leave a message in your mailbox, if it's something important.

Allows the cell phone Etiquette

With voice mail and caller ID, you aren't always wearing about who could be called. You can disable its ringer or down to dinner or out for the evening and I know that you can check your voicemail messages later. You don't have to worry about calling interrupt your meal or entertainment. The other party can relax too!

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