Sunday, May 20, 2012

Fun With Digital Voice Recorders

Do you need to have a recording of your telephone conversations for legal, covert or even training purposes? There are many types of digital voice recorders available. Once such recorder has a five hour recording capacity and features a caller ID, which records two way conversations with ease. It also features automatic recording that works only when the telephone is in use.

There are other digital voice recorders that are small and will record up to thirty-five hours and can be used not only with your phone, but your Mp3, FM stereo radio, cell phone or phone recorder. It is voice activated and includes the date, time stamp, flash memory and a/c adaptor, and that feature continuous recording.

Maybe you don’t want to be bothered with purchasing the actual digital voice recorders but still want the benefits of one. There is a Call Recorder Card that records both sides of a conversation, whether it is on a fixed phone or a cell phone. The card contains 250 minutes of recording time, and retrieving your recordings is as simple as can be. You can call the access number listed on the card, or you can log on to a secure server, and retrieve the information over the internet. What an easy way to keep track of sales orders, conference calls, and other important communications that may have otherwise been lost.

Want to record you cell phone calls with a simple push of a button? There are digital voice recorders that can do just that, and they do it with a standard micro cassette, two AA batteries and a telephone handset that gives you easy, hands free operation each and every time.

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