Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Is the Sony KDE-50XS955 50 Plasma Wega HDTV Television Worth It

Overall, the Sony KDE-50XS955 50 Plasma Wega HDTV television is one of the more expensive fifty-inch flat TVs on the market, retailing normally between four and five thousand dollars. However, this Sony Plasma HDTV TV backs up that price with enough features that you won't mind the price tag. The large size and high definition capability are just a few of those great features on the Sony KDE-50XS955 59 Plasma Wega HDTV television, with consumers rating it eight or night out of ten stars.

The 100 Watt Total output power combined with the SRS surround sound is much more than you would find on TVs in the same price range. With the high definition function, images are displayed that are more lifelike and much sharper than a standard TV, however, the source has to be high definition for this to hold true. To use this function, however, you will want to purchase a high definition receiver, sold separately.

Also included is a 3:2 pulldown feature. With this, the artifacts that can happen when movies are recorded onto a DVD. You will have a more flicker-free picture when playing the moved back, if you are using a progressive scan DVD in conjunction with this TV.

This Sony plasma HDTV has a screen resolution of 1366 x 768. The widescreen modes include full, zoom, normal and widescreen zoom, with picture-in-picture capability. Additional features include on-screen menu, MP3 playback, JPEG photo playback, MPEG1 movie playback, and digital reality creation multifunction.

Again, you can't do much better for this price and then the Sony KDE-50XS955 50 Plasma Wega HDTV television. With all these features, it more than backs up its price tag.

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